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Why do community assessment?

Demetrius Glover PicBy Demetrius Glover,  Director of Research and Information Resources, United Way of Central Indiana


Data analysis can dispel conventional wisdom and popular notions concerning community issues.

It is important to do community assessments to understand your community through data in order to determine the needs of your target population, the resources available to them and the gaps in the delivery of services.

Clear goals, aligned strategy, and meaningful measurement remain essential to increase the return on investment of staff, financial, and volunteer resources in order to “Move the needle” in our community.

A well done community assessment can allow you to make data informed decisions so that you can strategically invest resources and measure success.

Please join us on April 16th from 1 pm to 3 pm for an informative workshop on using SAVI to do community assessments.  This workshop will employ lessons learned from our 2008 United Way Community Assessment, 2013 Hancock County Assessment, 2013 Hunger Assessment in Hancock County, and ongoing assessment efforts.

For more information go to 4 and register for SAVI level 4: Topic-Based Workshops – Community Assessments: Getting the BIG PICTURE and little picture with Data.


One thought on “Why do community assessment?

  1. Nice post. I like it. This is helpful for me.

    Posted by Ala ud din Jutt | May 12, 2014, 2:18 PM

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