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Crucial connections to meet Indiana’s human needs

by Sharon Kandris 

One of the most common benefits cited by attendees of the Governor’s Conference on Service and Nonprofit Capacity Building is the opportunity to network.

Join Our TeamParticipants get the opportunity to connect with and learn from peers in other organizations, getting ideas from people they normally would not have the opportunity to connect with.

This year we are going to leverage that networking and synergy to develop strategies to address some of the most pressing issues facing Indiana in the first statewide Human Needs Summit.

The second day of the 2013 conference (Oct. 4) will be a working session for nonprofits to learn about some key issues, discuss them, and develop strategies to do something about them.

Here’s what the day looks like:

Paula Parker-Sawyers will be our emcee for the day. Paula is the Program Manager of the Indiana CTSI Community Health Engagement Program, has held many positions in the public sector, and is former Director of Outreach and Partnerships for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

The day will begin with a keynote address from Robert Egger, founder of DC Kitchen and LA Kitchen.  Egger also founded CForward to advocate for the economic role of nonprofits and will have an inspiring message to encourage nonprofits.

Then the work begins.

Attendees will participate in one breakout session on EDUCATION, HEALTH, HUNGER, or HOUSING.  These sessions will be facilitated by prominent community leaders (see the conference agenda page).  Here’s what you’ll do in your breakout session:

  • Learn from experts: What are the issues most pressing in the state and in our communities relative to the topic?  Where are there gaps and opportunities to address them?
  • Discuss with your peers and community leaders: What resources are already in place to address these gaps?  How can the nonprofit community work together make a positive impact on addressing the problems?
  • Develop strategies:   Work together to identify realistic short-term and long-term strategies that will address the issues and make a difference.

Then everyone will reconvene for lunch and share the strategies identified in each of the topic areas.

Following the conference, all of the information presented by experts and the strategies developed by conference participants will be captured in a white paper so that the ideas can be shared with broader audiences that can help these ideas become reality.

Every nonprofit counts!  Even the small nonprofits are an important part of the solution.

Won’t you join the discussion?  Register for the conference.


Blog author Sharon Kandris is the Director of Community Informatics at The Polis Center at IUPUI and Program Director of the SAVI Community Information System, where she oversees the organization’s role as a Conference host.



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