Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference

Conference session preview: Nonprofit evaluation workshop

Conference session preview: Nonprofit evaluation workshop

By Jessica White, president, Jessica White Associates

We hear a lot about sustainability these days. Some nonprofits are ramping up their earned revenue options to ensure sustainability. Others are being asked by funders to assess their potential to remain sustainable. Still others have already determined they can’t be sustainable and are looking for ways to merge before having to close their doors. Wherever your organization is in the “sustainability spectrum,” you need good solid information to help you make those decisions.

That’s where evaluation comes into play.

All of us have been asked to evaluate our programs. Some funders even require formal evaluations to determine impact. We know the terms “inputs” and “outcomes.” We’ve developed matrices to evaluate each program.

But how often do we use the same type of thinking on our agency as a whole? How often do we measure the profitability or the impact of our organization? General operating dollars are exceedingly hard to find, so finding the best allocation of time and resources to accomplish your organization’s mission is fundamental. Programmatic impact and financial viability are what make nonprofits sustainable.

So how does this apply to you? Come to the Nonprofit Evaluation Workshop,  Septmeber 28 at 3:10 p.m. at the 2011 Indiana Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference to learn the basic components you should consider when evaluating your organization and how local nonprofits have used these techniques to improve their organization’s sustainability.


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